Intellectual Property - Believe It Or Not

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Thomas Jefferson, a prolific inventor, was the first patent examiner. (He didn’t spend all of his time with Sally Hemings.)

Abe Lincoln was the only president to be awarded a United States patent. (Al Gore eat your heart out.)

Albert Einstein was once a patent examiner in the Swiss patent office. (He was fired for refusing to get a decent haircut.)

Patent attorneys are reputed to have a great sense of humor. (This may be the most difficult to believe.)

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An eye opening article about the renowned dignitaries, never read anywhere.

please post more such articles.

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Very interesting facts on famous people and patent attorneys.

It wonder if Obama will try to get a patent down the road for all of his Obama brand items out there! Doubtful, but he should get a patent on some items I think. Can you imagine the president of the US sueing someone for patent infringement? What a scandal that would be.

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