Professor's Company Wins $1.6 Million in Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Board Games

Submitted by patentadmin on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 11:39

November 26, 2012 - Innovention Toys LLC, a company headed by a Colorado professor named Michael Larson, won its patent infringement lawsuit against MGA, Wal-Mart Stores and Toys "R" Us. A federal jury in New Orleans found that the defendants had infringed Innovention's patent on a strategy board game using lasers and mirrors.

Innovention filed its patent infringement suit in 2007, claiming that MGA's Laser Battle game (sold by Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us) infringed the patent. Innovention sells its own lasers-and-mirrors game, The Laser Game: Khet 2.0.

The jury awarded Innovention damages in the amount of $1.6 million, although Larson says it will "barely cover the legal fees" if it stands. Innovention plans to use any damages awards that remain after paying its attorney fees to bring three more games to market.