Samsung Announces It Will Drop European Patent Lawsuit Against Apple

Submitted by patentadmin on Wed, 12/19/2012 - 13:04

December 19, 2012 - Samsung announced that it will drop its lawsuits against Apple in Europe, where it had been attempting to block sales of Apple devices. Samsung had been facing an antitrust probe from European regulators.

In the U.S., where Apple has been trying to secure an injunction on Samsung's products, the International Trade Commission is scheduled to make an announcement on January 9 about where the Apple v. Samsung case goes from here. And the following week, the ITC expects to issue a ruling in Samsung's case against Apple.

It is widely expected that the two technology giants will settle their litigation, however, before various courts issue their rulings in the litigation between the two companies.

Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California denied Apple's request to ban the sale of 26 Samsung devices. The judge cited consumer interest as one of the reasons for blocking the injunction.