Second Edition of "Essentials of Intellectual Property" is Released

Second Edition Includes Latest Changes to Patent Law and Patent Reform Legislation

Suffern, N.Y., March 29, 2011 − General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent licensing and enforcement firm, announced the publication of the Second Edition of "Essentials of Intellectual Property: Law, Economics, and Strategy," a major update to a book that was first published in 2002.

Co-authored by GPC Chairman and CEO Alexander I. Poltorak and Senior Vice President and General Counsel Paul J. Lerner, the Second Edition is also published by John Wiley & Sons.

"Patent law is constantly evolving − it's a moving target," said Alexander Poltorak. "There have been many important changes in patent law since the first edition came out in 2002, so it was time to update the book."

The first edition of this popular IP primer was translated into Russian and other languages.

"Working on the Second Edition of our book was a considerable challenge," observed co-author Paul Lerner. "At first, we thought we could update what was in the first edition without changing the basic structure of the book, but then it became clear that we needed to add two new chapters to cover recent patent legislation and the many patent law precedents that had been established over the last eight years."

The Second Edition of "Essentials of Intellectual Property" includes:

  • Latest changes to patent law and IP best practices
  • Two all-new chapters, one on recent patent reform legislation and a second on precedent-setting lawsuits
  • Basics of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade dress and trade secrets specifically written for busy executives
  • Methodologies of patent valuation
  • DO's and DON'Ts of patent enforcement
  • Samples of useful documents such as non-disclosure agreement, invention assignment form, invention disclosure form and IP audit questionnaire

    "The new chapter on patent legislation is extremely timely in view of the Patent Reform Act of 2011 − aka the 'America Invents Act' − recently passed by the Senate and the forthcoming debate in Congress," said Alec Schibanoff, Executive Director of American Innovators for Patent Reform, a nonprofit industry group.

    The Second Edition of "Essentials of Intellectual Property" has received many positive reviews.

    "This excellent book provides important analytical tools and innovative perspectives for those who recognize that dealing with patents and copyrights is not just for lawyers anymore, but has become an essential management task," wrote Eli Noam, Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School and Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information.

    "The revised edition of Essentials of Intellectual Property is a well-written, jargon-free compendium of information about IP, coupled with shrewd advice, which I recommend highly to all interested in invention, innovation, intellectual property rights and national development," wrote noted economist and author, Pat Choate, Ph.D., in his Foreword to the book.

    The Second Edition of "Essentials of Intellectual Property: Law, Economics, and Strategy" is available at in soft cover format, and is available at Barnes & Noble as a NOOKbook.