General Patent Corporation Settles Patent Suit with Boca Research

MONSEY, N.Y., February 17, 1998 - General Patent Corporation (GPC) has reached an out-of-court settlement with Boca Research, Inc. in a patent infringement suit brought by GPC against seven modem manufacturers in May 1997 to enforce four of GPC's patents which cover specific aspects of PCMCIA devices, PC card modems and other computer communications devices. Under the settlement Agreement Boca Research agreed to license GPC's patents.

"Boca is one of the largest modem makers," said Alexander Poltorak, Ph.D., GPC's chairman and CEO. "We are glad our technology is gaining a momentum and industry recognition."

Dr. Poltorak also said that additional litigation was pending in New York against U.S. Robotics, now part of 3Com, and in California against Hayes, Xircom and New Media. "Boca is the forth company to license GPC's patents," said Christopher Marchese, one of the attorneys for GPC in the Boca case. "We hope that other modem manufacturers will follow the trend."

The patents include U.S. Patent Nos. 4,543,450 ("Integrated Connector and Modem"), U.S. Patent Nos. 4,603,320 ("Connector Interface"), 4,686,506 ("Multiple Connector Interface") and 4,972,470 ("Programmable Connector").