General Patent Corporation Consummates Four More Licenses for Web-Based Prediction Marketplace Patent

Licenses Are the Result of a Patent Infringement Lawsuit

SUFFERN, NY, February 17, 2009 – General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent licensing and patent enforcement firm, announced today on behalf of its client, Renhcol, Inc., that four additional licensing agreements for the “Web-Based Prediction Marketplace” Patent have been finalized as a result of settlements in a patent infringement lawsuit with Pregame, LLC ( Las Vegas, NV), 1402487 Ontario Limited (Toronto, ON), IGC Entertainment Corporation (Vancouver, BC) and National Sports Services (IGC), Inc. (Las Vegas, NV).

Renhcol, Inc. owns the patent-in-suit, No. 6,260,019 titled “Web-Based Prediction Marketplace” that pertains to the on-line prediction of future events. The patent infringement lawsuit (2:08-cv-00388) was filed in the Eastern District of Texas.

In January 2009, Pregame, LLC, settled the lawsuit and took a license under the patent-in-suit. 1402487 Ontario Limited, IGC Entertainment Corporation, National Sports Services (IGC) and Pregame were all defendants in the patent infringement lawsuit, and all companies agreed to settle the lawsuit and license the Patent. This Patent was the subject of a previous lawsuit that resulted in a settlement and six licenses for the Patent.

General Patent Corporation represents Renhcol, Inc. as its exclusive licensing agent.

“We are pleased to have reached an amicable settlement with four of the defendants in this lawsuit, and we look forward to settling with the rest of them,” said Paul Lerner, General Patent’s Sr. Vice President and General Counsel.

“Renhcol, Winning Edge and Betbrokers are very pleased that General Patent has licensed ten companies for our Patent,” said Wayne Root, CEO of Winning Edge International, Inc. Winning Edge and Rehncol are both subsidiaries of Betbrokers PLC (LSE: BETB).

A non-exclusive license under the Patent is available on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. For licensing terms, contact at Paul Lerner at 845-368-4000 x104.

About Renhcol

Renhcol, Inc. is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 6,260,019 titled “Web-Based Prediction Marketplace”. Renhcol, Inc. and Winning Edge International, Inc. (formerly known as GWIN) are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Betbrokers PLC. For more information about Winning Edge, visit