Acticon Technologies Settles with Rapitech Systems, Inc. on the Rights to Five Patents

Rights Cover Computer Communications and Interconnectivity Hardware Components and Devices

MONSEY, NY, January 31, 1997 - Acticon Technologies, a division of General Patent Corporation ("GPC"), has signed an agreement with Rapitech Systems, Inc., Suffern, N. Y. (OTC - RPSY), concerning the ownership of five patents in the areas of computer communications and interconnectivity. GPC is an international technology transfer company headquartered in Monsey, NY.

The agreement assigns to Acticon Technologies all rights to two Brandt patents including the "Integrated Connector and Modem", U.S. Patent #4,543,450; "Telephone Network Coupler", U.S. Patent #4,727,535,and 50 percent rights to three Farago Patents, including "Connector Interface", U.S. Patent # 4,603,320, "Multiple Connector Interface", U.S. Patent #4,686,506 and the "Programmable Connector Interface", U.S. Patent #4,972,470. This transaction gives Acticon Technologies 100% rights to the three Farago Patents. Devices covered by these patents include among others PCMCIA modems, combo PC cards and smart connectors.

"The technologies represented by these inventions are directly related to modems and connectors vital to computer communications and Internet access," said Dr. Alexander Poltorak, chairman and CEO of GPC.