Acticon Technologies Settles with Dell Computer Corp.; Licenses Its Patents to Several Other Companies

General Patent Represents Acticon in its 125th Licensing Transaction

SUFFERN, NY, May 23, 2005 - Acticon Technologies LLC (Acticon) has recently reached an amicable settlement of its patent infringement claims with Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL) of Round Rock, TX, in connection with two of its "smart connector" patents. General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent licensing and enforcement firm headquartered in Suffern, New York, represented Acticon in this transaction.

"We have now obtained 125 settlements and license agreements for Acticon," said Paul J. Lerner, GPC's Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, "and we look forward to licensing the remaining companies."

Acticon's "smart connector" patents cover specific aspects of PC cards and other "smart connector" devices used in mobile computer communication, networking, and instrumentation control. GPC has successfully represented Acticon in 22 litigations and over one hundred licensing negotiations related to these patents.

Other companies that have recently reached settlements with Acticon include Compucable Corp. d/b/a Addlogix of Irvine, CA and Speed Dragon Multimedia of Hong Kong. In addition, the following companies have recently licensed Acticon's "programmable connector" patent: Communication Automation of West Chester, PA; IBP Instruments GmbH of Germany; Colorgraphic Communications of Atlanta, GA; Red River Engineering of Richardson, TX; Condor Engineering of Santa Barbara, CA; Hardware & Software Technology GmbH of Germany; DSP Research of Sunnyvale, CA; AIM-USA of Elkhorn, NE; IXXAT, Inc. of Bedford, NH; Surecom Technology Corp. of Taiwan; SYBA Multimedia of Montclair, CA; LaCie Limited of Hillsboro, OR; iba America of Alpharetta, GA; Good Way Technology Co. of Taiwan; Kouwell Electronics of Taiwan; Unixtar Technology of Taiwan; Kingnet Technology Co. of Taiwan; Echelon Corporation of San Jose, CA; Teletronics Technology of Newtown, PA; and Hilscher North America of Warrenville, IL.

About Acticon Technologies LLC

Acticon Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Patent Corporation, is a computer connectivity and communications technology company based in Suffern, NY. Acticon's award-winning smart connector technology is based on U.S. Patent Nos. 4,603,320 ("Connector Interface") (now expired), 4,686,506 ("Multiple Connector Interface") (now expired), 4,972,470 ("Programmable Connector"), and 4,543,450 ("Integrated Connector and Modem") (now expired). Acticon Technologies offers non-exclusive licenses under the '470 patent on attractive terms. For licensing terms, contact Kathlene Ingham at (845) 368- 4000, x107. For more information visit