Precedent-Setting Patent Cases to Follow in 2011

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, January 2011

In last month’s newsletter, we featured a brief rundown of some of 2010’s most important patent lawsuits, and one – Microsoft v. i4i – that is shaping up to be a big story in 2011. This month, we look at three more cases that are likely to make headlines (and that just might be precedent-setting) in the year to come.

Stanford v. Roche: Of Inventors, Institutions and Federal Grants

Who Really Owns This Patent?

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, November 2010

Every business owner, and every business or university executive, needs to know who owns a patent that is based on an invention developed by an employee of that business or university. This is a fairly common occurrence with multiple implications.

What's New at the Patent Office

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, October 2010

On September 9, David Kappos held a teleconference with the media to discuss some of the strides the agency has made during his first year as Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Things are changing for the better – slowly but surely.

Is Your Patent Really Infringed?

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, September 2010

If a product looks a lot like your patent drawings, it must be an infringing product, right? Or if something performs the same function as your patented invention, it infringes the patent, doesn’t it? The answer to both questions is “not necessarily.”

Patent Claim Basics

Five Fatal Errors Many Inventors Make – And How to Avoid Them

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, August 2010

Your invention is your baby. We know and understand that – because in addition to helping enforce the rights of patent owners for over two decades, many of us at General Patent Corporation are inventors ourselves.

But that’s also how we know how vitally important it is to do things right the first time, even if it seems too hard, too expensive or simply unnecessary! So without further ado, here are five of the biggest blunders an inventor can make, from the conception of the invention to licensing and enforcing the issued patent:

Wanted: Partners in Our – and Our Clients' – Success!

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, July 2010

Over the last two decades, General Patent Corporation has had an informal network of people, businesses and other organizations that have referred business to us. Patent practitioners, inventors, IP litigators, licensing executives, business owners, technology transfer managers and others who know what we do have referred patent owners to General Patent.

Can You Strengthen Your Patent through Reexamination?

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, May 2010

Remember the landmark ruling last August in the i4i v. Microsoft case? An Eastern District of Texas jury slapped the software giant with a $290 million damages award and an injunction on sales of the version of Microsoft Word 2007 that contained the infringing feature.

Microsoft appealed the verdict before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, but the CAFC sided with the lower court – although it did extend the deadline on the Word injunction from 60 days to five months after the August 11 order.

More Added Value: GPC Suite of Services, Part II

Wealth of Ideas Newsletter, April 2010

Last month, we told you about how General Patent Corporation examines each infringement claim to determine its merit, and chooses and manages the right law firm for each case.

This month, we continue our discussion of the General Patent “Suite of Services” with a comprehensive look at the many expenses GPC underwrites, our expertise in licensing negotiations, and how we even maintain the patent and monitor royalty payments once the deal is done.