The Washington Examiner - "Epic patent trial over iPhone technology wraps up"

As the jury deliberates over whether Samsung's products look similar enough to Apple's to cause brand confusion among consumers, the IP world is abuzz with speculation about what the verdict will be. GPC's Alexander Poltorak weighed in on the debate in a recent article. ("Epic patent trial over iPhone technology wraps up" The Washington Examiner - August 22, 2012)

Article excerpt: From the beginning, legal experts and Wall Street analysts have viewed Samsung as the underdog. To begin with, Apple's headquarters is a mere 10 miles from the courthouse, and jurors were picked from the heart of Silicon Valley where the company's late founder Steve Jobs is a revered technological pioneer.

While the legal and technological issues may be complex, patent expert Alexander I. Poltorak says the case will likely boil down to whether jurors believe Samsung's products at issue look and feel almost identical to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

"Most jurors will probably say they look alike," said Poltorak, who is chief executive of General Patent Corp.

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