The Telegraph - "Silicon Valley war a sign of hope in a fragile US economy"

GPC's Alexander Poltorak was quoted in a major UK newspaper in an article about the significance of the recent "patent warfare in Silicon Valley" to America's economic recovery.

("Silicon Valley war a sign of hope in a fragile US economy", The Telegraph [UK], August 18, 2011)

Article excerpt: Despite the fragile recovery, Americans are prepared to pay for the smartphones and tablet devices such as iPads that allow them to do everything they used to do while sitting in front of a desktop computer.

And given wireless technology is evolving so rapidly, making sure you've got your patents protected has become key.

"The number of patents involved in wireless communication and the extremely competitive market place has created a perfect storm," says Alexander Poltorak, the chief executive of General Patent Corporation, which advises companies on their patent strategy.

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