Patent Infringement News

ParkerVision Seeks Nearly $500 Million in Patent Infringement Suit against Qualcomm

September 16, 2013 - Chip maker ParkerVision Inc. has requested almost $500 million in damages in its patent lawsuit against its rival Qualcomm Inc. ParkerVision filed suit in 2011, claiming that Qualcomm infringed six of its patents in the development and sale of certain radio-frequency components used in wireless devices such as smartphones.

U.S. Appeals Court May Give Apple-Motorola Lawsuit a Second Chance

September 12, 2013 - The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which hears patent lawsuit appeals, suggested that a federal district judge in Chicago may have gone too far in dismissing Apple's and Motorola Mobility's patent infringement lawsuit last year.

Software Company Ordered to Pay $18 Million in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

August 21, 2013 - Lawson Software has been ordered to pay ePlus Inc. around $18 million for continuing to infringe online sales patents after a permanent injunction took effect two years ago.

Google Ordered to Pay Royalties to Vringo in Patent Lawsuit

August 19, 2013 - Vringo scored a patent lawsuit victory when a federal judge ordered Google to pay for infringing its search engine advertisement patents. However, further proceedings will be necessary to set the amount, and the district court held that the parties should meet to set an appropriate royalty rate before the court imposes one.

Microsoft Patent is "Poster Child" of Obviousness, Says Motorola Mobility

August 6, 2013 - Seeking to overturn an ITC-imposed import ban on its phones, Google's Motorola Mobility division is seeking to invalidate the patent that the banned phones were found to infringe.

Motorola Mobility attorney Charles Verhoeven said that "saying 'on a mobile device' is not an invention" and referred to the patent as the "poster child" of obviousness - common ideas applied to new devices and being patented as inventions.

Sixth Circuit Court Revives "5-Hour Energy" Product Maker's Trademark Dispute with "8-HR Energy" Rival

July 10, 2013 - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit overturned a lower court's grant of summary judgment in the trademark infringement dispute between 5-Hour Energy owner Innovation Ventures, LLC and Bhelliom Enterprise Corp., which produces "8-HR Energy."

Sony, Samsung and Others Denied Request to Dismiss Patent Infringement Lawsuit

July 10, 2013 - A U.S. district judge denied a request from a group of smartphone manufacturers - including Motorola Mobility, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, Samsung and four others - to dismiss a patent lawsuit over a patented system for translating binary code.

TiVo Reaches Settlement with Motorola, Cisco and Time Warner in Patent Lawsuit

June 7, 2013 - Just in time to avoid a trial that was scheduled to begin in one week in a Texas federal court, TiVo settled its patent litigation with Cisco, Motorola Mobility and Time Warner. Under the settlement, TiVo will receive a lump-sum payment of $490 million from Google and Cisco, with Cisco being responsible for $294 million of that sum.

ITC Bans U.S. Sales of Older iPhones, iPads that Infringe Samsung Patent

June 5, 2013 - The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that some of Apple's older devices that work on the AT&T Wireless network, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 3G, infringe a Samsung patent. As a result of that ruling, the ITC issued an order to ban the sale of some older Apple devices in the U.S.

Microsoft Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit with Vringo

May 30, 2013 - Microsoft and Vringo Inc. have settled their patent litigation, and Microsoft will pay $1 million up front to Vringo and take a license under Vringo's search engine advertising patents.

Vringo said in a statement that Microsoft also agreed to pay 5 percent of any amount Google pays to use the patents - although that sum is subject to a cap.