New York Times DealBook - "Quest for Patents Brings New Focus in Tech Deals"

Now that it's a well-known fact that Motorola Mobility's extensive patent portfolio was a big part of the reason for Google's $12.5 billion offer, intellectual property is much more in the spotlight. GPC's Alex Poltorak spoke with the New York Times about how patents are "emerging as a new currency."

("Quest for Patents Brings New Focus in Tech Deals", the New York Times DealBook, August 16, 2011)

Article excerpt: The Google deal highlights the growing significance of patents in mobile and the steep prices that companies are willing to pay to keep them from rivals. As the Web gravitates to mobile and patent litigation rises, patent portfolios will only increase in value, analysts say.

The question is how much more valuable they will become.

"Before, nobody really paid attention to patents. Now patents are emerging as a new currency,” said Alexander I. Poltorak, chief executive of General Patent Corporation, a patent licensing and enforcement firm. “I’ve recently received several calls from financial analysts and bankers who want to know how to value patents and what does it mean.”

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