MIT Technology Review - "Unsold Patents Hint at a Kodak Comeback Strategy"

Kodak may not have gotten the initial bids it was hoping for in its patent auction, but it's not down for the count. The 132-year-old photography pioneer released a business plan that includes plans for "creating a new company" and "aggressively monetizing" its remaining IP. GPC's Alexander Poltorak and others speculate on what a Kodak comeback will look like. ("Unsold Patents Hint at a Kodak Comeback Strategy" Technology Review - August 17, 2012)

Article excerpt: [Kodak] is now auctioning off 1,100 patents, mainly related to digital image capture, manipulation, and sharing, or about 10 percent of its total portfolio, as it struggles to emerge from bankruptcy.

But people familiar with Kodak's technology portfolio say it would be a mistake to discount the 132-year-old business completely. Long an R&D powerhouse, Kodak holds a trove of intellectual property from which an innovative business could still emerge. "They've built a very robust, valuable patent portfolio, but they are keeping the best patents for themselves," says Alexander Poltorak, CEO of the intellectual property firm General Patent Corp.

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