The Globe and Mail - "Patent sale marks end of line for once-mighty Nortel"

The much-discussed Nortel Networks Corp. patent portfolio was sold in early July to a consortium of six companies led by Research in Motion (RIM) and Apple Inc. The patents sold for $4.5 billion - over twice as much as analysts had predicted. The consortium outbid Google, which is currently involved in about 45 lawsuits related to its Android operating system and needed a larger patent portfolio to help defend itself against such litigation.

GPC's Alexander Poltorak commented on the case in "Patent sale marks end of line for once-mighty Nortel" (The Globe and Mail, July 1, 2011).

Article excerpt:

“There are a lot of gems in this portfolio,” said Alexander Poltorak, chairman and CEO of General Patent Corp. “The sheer number of patents creates a sort of a critical mass that raises exponentially the value of the portfolio as a whole.”

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