Credit Union Times - "Card Patent Infringement Charge Against CUSOs and CUs"

General Patent's senior vice president and general counsel, Paul Lerner, was interviewed regarding a lawsuit filed in Delaware against three credit unions. ("Card Patent Infringement Charge Against CUSOs and CUs", Credit Union Times, July 6, 2011)

The three credit unions - along with two credit union service organizations - are among 15 co-defendants in a lawsuit filed on June 23 by Serverside Group, a London-based vendor that designs, markets and prints cards for international card payment companies. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants infringe Serverside's patent on "financial transaction card customization technology."

Commenting on the case, Mr. Lerner said that since the defendants are unlikely to produce their own cards, they should not be the true targets of the lawsuit.

“I’m pretty sure these credit unions aren’t making their cards themselves,” he said. “If I were a credit union CEO, I would not be losing any sleep over this. What I would do is pull out my card manufacturer agreement to make sure it includes an indemnification clause.”

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