CNNMoney - "Apple vs. Samsung: Three possible outcomes"

While the IP world is anxiously awaiting the jury verdict in the Apple and Samsung trial, a recent CNNMoney article suggests three ways the case might turn out. GPC's Alexander Poltorak offered his prediction. ("Apple vs. Samsung: Three possible outcomes" CNNMoney - August 24, 2012)

Article excerpt: In nearly three-quarters of patent cases, the jury decides in favor of the same party on all the issues, according to Alex Poltorak, CEO of General Patent Corp., an industry consulting firm. He thinks it's unlikely that the jury will go into the fine details point by point.

"The dynamics of jury deliberation generally are about finding who is the good guy and who is the bad guy," Poltorak said. "More likely than not, Samsung will be found to have ripped off Apple's design, and therefore the jury will rule on all issues in favor of Apple."

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