- "Verdict Shows Samsung Needs to Copy Apple Design Culture: Tech"

Now that there has been a verdict in the Apple/Samsung patent lawsuit, what does the future hold for Samsung's smartphone and tablet designs? GPC's Alexander Poltorak commented on what stylistic changes the Korean electronics giant could (and should) make going forward. ("Verdict Shows Samsung Needs to Copy Apple Design Culture: Tech" - September 4, 2012)

Article excerpt: Samsung’s initial challenge will be making its new generation of handsets look as different as possible from Apple iPhones. Future devices will probably boast more styluses, have control buttons in different places and come in shapes besides rectangles with rounded corners, said Alexander Poltorak, chief executive officer of General Patent Corp.

“They have to move away from Apple design,” said Poltorak, whose firm represents clients in intellectual property enforcement. “Their products look like knockoffs. The judge indicated the changes have to be substantial.”

...Samsung devices may include different navigational commands, such as how users scroll down the screen or zoom in on a picture or text, Poltorak said.

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