- "Kodak Consulting With Creditors About Retaining Patents"

Now that it's obvious that Kodak's patent portfolio won't sell for anywhere near the $2 billion at which Kodak valued them, GPC's Alexander Poltorak spoke about the Kodak patent auction, what went wrong and how the company could (and should) monetize the patents. ("Kodak Consulting With Creditors About Retaining Patents" - September 14, 2012)

Article excerpt: Kodak can make more money by forming a licensing company to enforce the patents instead of selling them at an auction, said Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of General Patent Corp., which represents clients in patent licensing and enforcement matters. Kodak’s valuation of more than $2 billion for the portfolio was too high, according to Poltorak. The patents may be worth about 10 percent of that amount, he said.

“The sale was a colossal fiasco,” Poltorak said. “They should have been realistic about what value to expect.”

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