Candidate Huckabee Is Sued for Playing “Eye Of The Tiger”

Submitted by patentadmin on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 21:09

GOP Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign has been charged with copyright infringement in U.S. District Court in Chicago. The campaign had played "Eye of the Tiger" at a rally supporting Kim Davis, the County Clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Frank Sullivan – probably not a Republican – is co-writer of the Grammy-winning song that was made popular in "Rocky III." Mr. Sullivan’s business, Rude Music – Yeah, we guess so! – owns the rights to the song, and Gov. Huckabee did not get permission to use it. But wouldn’t Huckabee’s playing of the song fall under the “fair use” doctrine (see “Circuit Court Rules in Favor of the “Dancing Baby” from our October Blogs)?

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