Clients of General Patent Corporation

When General Patent agrees to represent a patentee in the monetization of his or her or its patents, we establish a technology development company, usually an LLC, to which the patents are transferred. General Patent and the patentee become members of the LLC which is the vehicle for the development, commercialization and monetization of the patent(s). Some of the technology development companies were funded by our merchant banking affiliate, IP Holdings.

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Acticon Technologies LLC

Advanced Card Technologies LLC

Advanced Video Technologies LLC

Alfano Optical Tomography LLC

Blemel Technologies LLC

Bradium Technologies LLC

Deep Green Wireless LLC

Digital Technology Licensing LLC

Disk Authoring Technologies LLC

Forward Technologies LLC

Fractal Heatsink Technologies

IDN Technologies LLC

IYM Technologies LLC

Image Processing Technologies LLC

I-Rescue Technologies LLC

Kamatani Cloud LLC

LaserDynamics LLC

LaserDynamics USA

Medisyn Technologies LLC

MOAEC Technologies LLC

Moen Technologies LLC

Playtipus LLC

Privilege Wireless LLC

Ryogen, LLC

Trounson Automation LLC


VoIP Dynamic LLC