We're Number One

Submitted by patentadmin on Wed, 08/11/2010 - 12:11

Over the past few months, we have repeatedly written about the travails of Chris Botticella in his battles with Bimbo Bakeries (motto: we’re not just blonde receptionists).

To briefly recap these informative, insightful, yet witty articles, Chris is one of only seven people in the whole world in possession of the secret of the “nooks and crannies” which – according to their advertising people – distinguish the Thomas’ English Muffins from the muffins peddled by everyone else. Chris announced his intention to depart Bimbo’s hallowed halls to join competitor Hostess Bakeries. Bimbo sued to prevent this.

Well, brilliance attracts imitation. A week ago National Public Radio, in an unsuccessful effort to inject some humor into the news, made brief, but not terribly clever, mention of the case. Then on August 7, The New York Times, no doubt envious of OUR broad readership, ran a FRONT PAGE article about Chris and Bimbo.

So, for those of you who listen to NPR or subscribe to the Times, remember you read it here first.

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