Famous trade secret comes home to beefed-up security

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In September 2008, the story broke that one of the world's most famous trade secrets was moved to a secure location while the security as corporate headquarters was beefed up. Placed in a locked briefcase marked "Top Secret" and handcuffed to a security expert, the document went for a ride in an armored car accompanied by bodyguards and an escort of off-duty police officers.

What was this document of such vital importance? A yellowing sheet of paper on which Col. Harland Sanders wrote his famous fried chicken recipe 68 years ago. Yep, the one with 11 herbs and spices.

Was the security detail just marketing hype? Was it overkill? Not for one of the world's most famous and most jealously-guarded trade secrets.

"I don't want to be the [KFC] president who loses the recipe," quipped KFC's president, Roger Eaton.

Only two company executives at any given time have access to the recipe, and the company uses multiple suppliers to blend the ingredients - with each supplier only knowing a small part of the recipe.

As of February 10, the famous Original Recipe has quietly returned to KFC's corporate HQ and its new high-tech, high-security home.

"We designed this system to keep the recipe under wraps for at least another 68 years," said Bo Dietl, the corporate security expert who helped design the system.

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If this single recipe was transported using such a high security level, i can only imagine how strict is the confidentiality agreement KFC's employees have to sign. It may seem that they are exaggerating, but when you think that this is their top secret fried chicken recipe, it might worth the efforts to keep it that way.

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I think the document related to the trade secrets should be confidential and keep an eye on this agreement by the management.Yes its a best tactic to save this document that the two company executives at any given time have access to the recipe not any one else.

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